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M430 Peterborough to York

sectorInitial test scenario for Peterborough to York Modern by Creative Rail …

In the early 1990s class 90s from the ECML RES pool were used to suppliment the class 91s, this is an example of part of one of those services … Class 90s were again used on the ECML when GNER refurbished the 91s ten years later. With a maximum speed of 110 mph Class 90s had some problems keeping to the demanding schedule so were never particularly successful when used as stand ins …

Note: For some reason the dispatch sounds from all loco hauled coaches do not seem to function properly on Y2Pm, You will not hear the normal door slam, whistle and guard to driver buzzer, this bug has been reported so it may possibly be fixed in future, in the meantime you may want to use the HUD while stopped at a station, alternatively you can use the task list and wait for the tick, If you dont want break immersion and use visual aids like me, you can use the in-cab clock: depart PBO at 16:02 NWK 16:33 and DON at 16:59


9teh6 9teh2 

AP 90


Cl 31 Freight

Cl 56 Sectors

Cl 91



AP 142

Cl 150

MP 45t vans

Blue 08