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M501c Glasgow Central to London Kings cross (6 pack)

modernA prototypical diagram for 1E86 GLC to KGX, comprising of six scenarios for the 91, that can be played in order for the full journey, or they can be played as stand alone scenarios …

This is a proof of concept BETA for a number of linked long distance journeys on the ECML made possible by by the recent release of Creative rails ECML Peterborough to York Modern and DPS E2G scenery extension.

The class 91 is a defult asset for this journey however its is a diabolical drive with horrible sounds and a number of cab functions either not working or functioning incorrectly, However now AP has released a soundpack you may swap out the crap 91 for a much better drive. These scenarios will be the template for a number of variants featuring the infinately better 90, 92, and 67

Note: Initially the scenarios were linked so the next scenario loaded automaticly on completion of the preceeding scenario, however because there is a chance of TS crashing on each load, six scenarios mean a CTD is inevitable. (happened every time in testing) In addition 7 hours is a bit of a tall order for one sitting in TS. … Scenarios now need to be loaded manually, It is good practice to close and relaunch TS between each scenario to retain stability.

Also Note: Because the scenarios are intended to be played in order and were initially linked together, apart from GLC at the start of the journey there is no passenger pickup at the beginning of each leg as this was handled by the destination of the preceeding scenario. Simply proceed as soon as the scenario loads.

The DPS-RLS ECMLne is the version downloaded directly from the DPS website not the Workshop version, If you have the workshop version of the route the scenario may still work but you will have to manually move the scenario files yourself.




NEW: A KGX to GLC set utilising the new class 91 enhancement pack from Armstrong powerhouse (DLC requirements are similar but not exactly the same, inspect with RW tools before use)



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