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NM1 East Coast Mainline North East

10 Uninspiring scenarios for East coast mainline Northeast V4 by DPS simulations set in the GNER period around 2003

43, 150, 142, 91 & 67 driveable


Note: These scenarios are for the freely available* DPS-RLS east coast mainline northest V4 from DPS simulations, some (south of YRK scenarios) will not work on earlier versions of the route or the workshop version, Owners of the workshop version may have to manually move the scenario files.

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DLC Requirements:

Kuju EU assets

AP MTU enhancement pack

Thompson/Oovee class 150

AP 142

RSC Class 91

AP class 91 enhancement pack

AP26 scenario pack (for ATN skins)

RSC Settle to Carlisle

RSC class 67

AP BZA wagons

AP JXA wagons

Oovee class 156

JT Voyager