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Project 43 Modular HST scenarios for WML

Project 43: 20 HST scenarios for western Mainlines.

This pack includes 10 up and 10 down modular scenarios that can be played in various orders to create different journeys, the pack also includes another 10 variants with other common calling patterens, and 2 bonus scenarios  on the SDML extension. this pack will be updated periodicly with new varaints and also when WML has further extensions added.

Prject 220 and Project 150 using the same template are currently in development.

For further information downlod the manual here

Project 43

DLC requirements:

Western mainlines (WML) – Just trains

Kuju EU assets – Steam

JT Voyager advanced – Just trains

EWS 66v2 – Steam

FL 66v2 – Steam

RSC ATW DMU pack – Steam

Thompson/Oovee class 150 – Steam