A selection of scenarios for Rail Simulator,* Both new & updates of scenarios I have made over the last few years.

“Scenarios are like porn, if you want the good stuff you have to make it yourself”

All Scenarios are made for myself with little regard for sharing and few compromises, Featuring high traffic volumes and where possible prototypical variation, as such DLC requirements are often extensive. I have made every effort to list them all but I may have missed some assets. If you are unsure if you have everything needed, Inspect with RW Tools and replace anything you dont have with suitable alternatives. (note: swapped stock may have an effect on scenario performance)

You will encounter adverse signals and unexpected events. These scenarios are also timed for equipment speeds as well as line speeds, recovery margins are also provided for, if you overspeed for extended durations you will not encounter all AI events or may find yourself with long waits. The HUD is not really helpful, you will need at least some basic knowledge of your equipment and your routes to get the intended experience. You will also not find instructions in the form of annoying popups in any of these scenarios. Basicly, the scenarios are designed to be driven realisticly, if you attempt to drive them recklessly as you would have to in a “career” scenario to score points you will not get the full experience and in some cases they may not even work.

In addition many scenarios use default weather domes, mainly because I like to choose the weather I want when deciding to drive, if you want to change the Weather you can easily do so in editor.

It’s impossible to list all the reskins used (except for premium Marketplace skins) but where possible they make thematic sense with the scenario location and era. Where possible reskins are sourced from DPS simulations and Armstrong Powerhouse for simplicity. If you have the assets for a scenario there is no reason why you shouldnt already have the relevant skins needed. Note: DLC tags do not include the prerequisite requirements of routes as you should already have them if you have the route. When downloading from DPS simulations don’t be a scrote, leave a donation.

Happy SPADs


*Railworks, Train Simulator,  TS2011, TS2012, TS2013, TS2014, TS2015, TS2016, Bug simulator, SBHH Engine, Badly formed XML Emulator, etc